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Founded in 1980
Denounce was started in 1980 on the PLATO system at the University of Delaware as a satire of =announce=, the system notesfile where users could read about PLATO system changes, outages, new software installations, new features, etc. Prime candidates for satirization. =denounce= was inspired by another humor notesfile on PLATO called =grapenotes=.

Haven't heard of the PLATO system? Few have. Predates the web, the Internet, AOL, the WELL, pretty much everything you know. :-) That's ok. Trust me. It was good.

The Denounce website was launched in 1996 to carry on the tradition of the original =denounce= notesfile -- but instead of parodying PLATO system announcements (which by 1995 were, well, few and far between), the website decided to take on the next best thing -- the computer and internet industry.

Within a few weeks of launch, Yahoo picked the site as a Site of the Day, even going so far as to ask Denounce's creator if he wanted to join Yahoo's PR department to write its press releases.

Editorial Submissions
Denounce writes all of its own material, and is unable (oh, let's face it -- unwilling) to accept submissions at this time. Unless the money's right, of course.

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