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Mohomine Announces mohoBlog Extractor
New Tool Mines All Blogs, Providing Detailed Demographic Information to Businesses and Government

San Diego, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 18 July 2002 -- Mohomine, a leader in Unstructured Data Management Software (UDMS) technology, today announced the general availability of mohoBlog Extractor v1.0, a tool which scans every "blog" (short for "web log") on the World Wide Web and generates an updated-hourly database containing detailed political, consumer, religious, entertainment, technical, and psychological profiles on the millions of Internet users who create or participate in blogs.

mohoBlog Extractor (mBE) is available in multiple formats:

  • mBE Web: A web-only service, hosted by Mohomine, enabling any business or consumer to access, search, or browse the updated-hourly database of millions of Internet user profiles.
  • mBE Modules: A modular solution that enables government agencies or businesses to quickly and seamlessly integrate mBE into any enterprise application, including law enforcement, political lean assessment, intelligence gathering, advertising targeting, and market research.
  • mBE Mobile: The wireless solution for the busy spy, market researcher, corporate snoop, or nosy neighbor. Use your cell phone, PDA, or laptop to search and browse the complete mBE database.

"We are excited by the possibilities mohoBlog Extractor presents to us," said John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States. "Bloggers are a pesky bunch who we'll now be able to keep an eye on, thanks to Mohomine."

mohoBlog Extractor is available for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and can be licensed for use in applications for ASP solutions. Whitepapers and technical specifications are available but require top-secret clearance or a major undisclosed up-front fee.

Pricing was not disclosed because if you have to ask, you obviously can't afford it.

About Mohomine: Founded in 1999 with funding from the Central Intelligence Agency, Mohomine builds tools for spooks and then markets them under the delightfully jargonistic acronym UDMS, or Unstructured Data Management Software.

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