Claims they own "Intranet" trademark

Las Cervezas, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- February 21, 1997 -- Intrasoft Corporation announced today it is suing "everybody" over what they claim is illegal use of their trademark "Intranet". In a complaint, filed as "Intrasoft vs. Everybody" today in U.S. District Court of San Helifino, California, Intrasoft is demanding $914 billion in damages from IBM, Compaq, DELL, Apple, Novell, Netscape, Microsoft, Cisco, Bortec, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and 9,781,344 other high-tech companies and their customers, along with publishers, broadcasters, pundits, naysayers, and assorted nattering nabobs.

"We've had a product called 'Intranet' for over 146 web-years," said Hugh Geleeboring, vice president of chief executives at Intrasoft, adding, continuing, and commenting, "and according to independent high-tech audits, we came up with the term at least 210 milliseconds before anyone else."

"I think this is a landmark case," said Indu Strypundit, an industry pundit who himself was named as a defendant in the case. "Of course, I think Intrasoft is full of horsepuckey and how am I supposed to come up with $914 billion? I can't even pay my monthly ISP bill let alone something that big."

A spokeswheel at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office stated that Intrasoft had a pretty good case. "It's not a question of whether they're going to win the case -- it's a question of whether or not trebling $914 billion in damages is even possible. There might not be that much money available, period."

About Intrasoft
Intrasoft is a company formed to cash in on the insanity of the Internet gold rush. Their revenues are nonexistent, they have no customers in six continents, and their product line, including Intranet, their flagship product, is the winner of InfoWorld's Annual Vaporware Awards six times running.

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