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Match.com Announces Spouse-Spy Notification Service
Spouses Can Now Find Out If Their Other Half's Surfing Match.com

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 19 February 2003 -- Match.com, a global leader in online dating, today announced the launch Spouse-Spy, a new service for married people concerned that their spouses are using Match.com to find singles interested in having affairs.

"Historically, online dating has been about singles," said Tim Sullivan, president of Match.com. "With the launch of Spouse-Spy, we are recognizing a huge untapped segment of the dating marketplace -- married couples. The needs of this market segment are entirely different than the traditional market, but we've found a way to monetize it and we're excited by the potential going forward."

Spouse-Spy works by having a married customer sign up for the service, which will cost $5 a month, or $50 a year, provide personal information on their spouse who they suspect may be cheating on them, and then sit back and wait for email, beeper, cellphone, or fax notifications indicating that the spouse has been spotted surfing through the pages of match.com looking for singles to date.

"Now a worried spouse can have peace of mind, for only $50 a year," says Sullivan.

Spouse-Block Also Available
In an effort to be fair to both spouses, Match.com is also launching Spouse-Block, a service which, for $500 a year, enables a spouse to block any Spouse-Spy notifications from being sent to the other suspecting spouse.

About Match.com
Match.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ticketmaster which is a wholly owned subsidiary of USA Interactive which is a wholly owned subsidiary of something-or-other, or, if it isn't, will be soon, is a fabulously-profitable subscription-based online dating service that enables individuals to meet and date other individuals around the country and the world, in complete privacy except for dossiers prepared for the Total Information Awareness Agency of the Ministry of Truth.

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