New McAfee Anti-Virus Protects Users From Microsoft

TUNA VISTA, California /DenounceNewswire/ -- 4 November 1997 -- Leading virus-protection software maker McAfee Associates (Nasdaq: MCAF), announced today a new release of its popular Anti-Virus software which for the first time provides protection against Microsoft's overly aggressive marketing tactics on the Windows desktop.

As part of the product campaign, McAfee introduced a new marketing slogan, "Not on MY Desktop You Don't!" which has already won the hearts and minds of 71.2 million people as of 4pm Pacific Time today.

Included among the many features of the innovative new Anti-Virus product is protection against "Active Desktop", part of the recently-released Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Active Desktop, which has annoyed millions of personal computer users worldwide, can now be disabled permanently thanks to McAfee's innovative new technology. "The market has spoken," said Nack Zelson, Vice Manager at McAfee, "and what it has declared is that Active Desktop is a virus, pure and simple. And we all know what we must do with viruses!"

Another feature of the new Anti-Virus product is "PushBack", a new technology which prevents any Microsoft application from "pushing" information to a user without the user's prior authorization.

"As a direct response to customer demand, we're providing this new Anti-Virus for the millions of customers who are fed up with Microsoft's behavior," continued Mr. Zelson, adding, saying, and further commenting, "People told us they were mad as hell and that they were not going to take it anymore."

Yet another innovative feature from the bold, new Anti-Virus product is protection of filename extensions, such as ".gif", from becoming "hijacked" by Microsoft applications without a user's permission. "How many times has Internet Explorer hijacked your .GIF images so that your trusty PaintShopPro doesn't display them anymore?" asked Mr. Zelson. "Now, each time a Microsoft application attempts to hijack a filename extension, Anti-Virus proactively stops the application from doing so, and then automatically reports the abuse to a special 'little black book' server here at our headquarters." Customers can then view, with glee, how many Microsoft abuses have been reported, by visiting a special page at McAfee's website.

About McAfee Associates
Founded in 1989, McAfee Associates is composed of a Virus division (which invents new viruses to scare the public) and an Anti-Virus division (which markets innovative, affordable solutions for protecting enterprise systems from being attacked by the newly-invented viruses). The company is headquartered in Tuna Vista, California.

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