Thousands of Silverfish Found in Windows NT Packaging

Redmond, WA /DenounceNewswire/ -- September 31, 1996 -- Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) today admitted that at least 25,000 of its Windows NT 4.0 upgrade packages shipped with live bugs in the packaging.

"It seems that there was an infestation in one of our manufacturing facilities," stated Uhuh Yahright, a Microsoft spokesman. "Before the packages were shrink-wrapped, tens of thousands of silverfish managed to sneak inside the packages. We suspect they came out of the Windows for Warehouses 3.11 inventory."

Microsoft stock was unchanged at 125 1/4. "Either the market doesn't think this is a big deal," says Skip Bayle, an industry analyst for Poorer & Broker Securities, "or it just shows that people are used to bugs, biological or otherwise, in Microsoft software."

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