Only Two Days Old, and Denounce Begins Raking in the Awards

La Jolla, CA /DenounceNewswire/ 22 November 1996 -- Only two days after DENOUNCE opened its web service to the Internet community, Yahoo! today announced the selection of DENOUNCE Newswire as the recipient of a "Yahoo! Pick of the Day" award, known to all as the second most prestigious award in the world, after the Nobel Prize.

Birdrock Media Corporation, publishers of the Denounce Newswire, issued a prepared statement which said, in its entirety, "Cool!"

Wall Street Shows Approval
Yahoo, Inc., [NASDAQ: YHOO] shares soared to 17 5/8, ending a weeks-old decline in price, as Wall Street showed its approval of DENOUNCE's selection as a Pick of the Day. Shares of Yahoo! competitor Excite, Inc. [NASDAQ: XCIT] fell to 6 1/8 after it failed to acknowledge DENOUNCE Newswire's supremacy and total excellence.

"Yahoo's shares would have gone a whole heck of a lot higher had they selected DENOUNCE as a Yahoo Pick of the Week, as opposed to just Day," said Indu Strypundit, an industry pundit.

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