Web Awards and Recognitions Given to DENOUNCE:

22 November 1996
Yahoo! Selects DENOUNCE As "Pick of the Day"
29 November 1996
2 December 1996
DENOUNCE recommended by the Daily Planet! "Denounce is een site waar de draak wordt gestoken met de neiging van software- en andere computerbedrijven om opgeklopte persberichten de wereld in te sturen. Zo wordt de Netscape `Crash-Ad Plugin` aangekondigd die een advertentie van een bedrijf laat zien als het programma crasht."
10 December 1996
Winner of The Award Ward Award!
10 December 1996
The Funny Site Selects DENOUNCE As "Five Star Humor Site"
21 December 1996
WebPilot Awards DENOUNCE With WINGS Award
29 Januari 1997
Net Tips Internet recommends DENOUNCE Site! "Al het computer-nieuws dat nooit gebeurde, nu op een eigen nieuws-site!" Indeed!
31 January 1997
Comedy Zone Reviews DENOUNCE: "...great web-based satire... most excellent!"
31 January 1997
Cool Central Picks DENOUNCE As Cool Site of the Hour
1 February 1997
IWORLD Awards DENOUNCE With "Site of the Day" Honors
?? February 1997
DENOUNCE wins a 4-snowflake FRIDGIE Award!
February 1997
14 February 1997
DENOUNCE lauded in InterBizNet's newsletter: "Attention is the basic currency of the Web. If no one pays attention to your work, it goes nowhere. This is Marketing 101. Denounce is a solid play by Birdrock Media to build brand recognition through the delivery of humor. Rather than an investment in advertising and "click rates", Birdrock Media draws traffic to its site by delivering hilarious parodies of standard Press Releases. Their cleverness is augmented by the fact that the parodies target and celebrate their clients and customers. Given the huge volume of noise and yammering on the web, self-parody is a solid approach to traffic development.." Whew. We at DENOUNCE are firm believers in biting the hands that feed us, but if Microsoft, Apple, Sun, and Netscape are our clients or customers, it's news to us, despite our yammering and noise. Nice idea though.
15 February 1997
DENOUNCE called "THE ONION of PR", selected as a site "where we spend time" by the staff of TRIPOD magazine.
7 March 1997
DENOUNCE Listed on COOL SITES page of CCRN NET. Glad to know those registered nurses are reading DENOUNCE instead of tending to patients!
March 1997
DENOUNCE selected as one of CYBERIA'S "News Picks".
9 March 1997
DENOUNCE listed on "GRANDDADDY'S, The David Glass Page". This guy is the Chief Magistrate for the 24th Judicial District of Virginia, a radio DJ, and a bass singer in the choir at Jerry Falwell's church. With a background like that, no wonder he likes DENOUNCE. But please, somebody tell him it's fiction!
18 March 1997
CADVision selects DENOUNCE as Cool Site of the Day
April 1997
DENOUNCE awarded the "BesT in the BIZ" award, right after Amazon.com got it the week before. Will wonders never cease?
28 May 1997
DENOUNCE selected for inclusion in FUNNY: The Internet Comedy Directory. Here's what they had to say about DENOUNCE: "Great collection of up to date spoof computer-news articles on a well designed and laid out site. When we visited there was an article about new X2 robots that can walk at 56.6 steps per minute as opposed to normal robots who can only manage 28.8. Another spoke about the release of MS-DOS 8.0, a software upgrade that replaces Win '95 with a new text-based interface! If you keep up with the latest computer news then you're bound to like this!"
June 6-8, 1997
USA TODAY gives DENOUNCE a HOT SITE award. Describing DENOUNCE as "Wacky News", USA TODAY recommends us to those who want to take "a breather from the non-stop PR."
June 7, 1997
DENOUNCE recognized with a Pirate Pete's Pick of the Week award.
July 1997
LYCOS gives DENOUNCE a Top 5% award! Here's the review: "News flash! Netscape announces its latest plug-in "Crash Ads." Yes, that's right. Now when Netscape crashes your system the standard system error message will be accompanied by an advertisement demographically targeted toward you, the user. Ouch! Denounce is full of nasty but very funny and right-on parodies of press releases that seem to issue forth in an endless stream from teh various big players in the Internet biz. "Yahoo Launches Yahoo! School Lunch" Search school lunch menus all over the United States and Belgium with this new service from the popular Web catalog. "Quitting America Online Has Never Been Easier." And so on. This site is sure to ruffle a few feathers in the cubicles of Silicon Valley (and Redmond, Washington -- Microsoft comes in for some stinging satire). But for the rest of us who feel a tad frustrated by the glut of computer news, this site's funnier than smacking Bill Gates with a rubber chicken. "
Saturday and Sunday, September 6 - 7, 1997
DENOUNCE gets recognized as the "VIRTUALLY Site of the Day". Note that what VIRTUALLY ACTUALLY gave DENOUNCE was a SITE OF THE WEEKEND recognition. In case you didn't notice. Here's the review: "For the latest in press release parodies, check out the current issue of Denounce Newswire!!" Straight and to the point, those VIRTUALLY folks.
20 December 1997
DENOUNCE gets recognized at, gasp, The Economist! They had this to say: " Mr Gatesís company is also the target of several of the inventive spoof press-releases from the Denounce Newswire. Many of these are specialist jokes: if you find them funny, then you are probably the sort of person whom other people laugh at."
February 1998
DENOUNCE gets recognized on a links page at some weird in-joke would-be Drudge parody called The Sludge Report. Four links on the page: one to The Onion, one to DENOUNCE, one to "LindaTripp.com", and one to "Macintosh News and Resources". We're not sure if this is a good or bad thing.
April 1998
DENOUNCE gets a rating for content at Luckman Interactive's Best of the Web. "'All the news that never happened.' That's what awaits visitors at this whimsical, tongue-in-cheek site aimed at savvy cybersurfers. Presented like a sober news wire chronicling the computer industry, the site is actually filled with satirical reports of fictional happenings. From Yahoo! school lunches to unreleased Kenny G tracks, no subject is off limits. Although often outrageous, the parodies are often subtle reminders of the foibles and failings of the computer business."
August 2003
Denounce is recognized at Penn Cen's "7 Wonders" page: "Monday, August 18 - Humor and the Unusual - Sometimes the news at Denounce seems more believable than the real stories..."
  September 2003
Denounce is recognized by one Nick Mucci as "one of the best websites ever" at the nothing in particular blog.

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