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SMOKIE, IL /DenounceNewswire/ -- Decembuary 29, 1996 --- ECord Incorporated (NASDAQ: Nasdaq, Nasdaq, Nasdaq: Why Nasdaq, why doesn't anyone use AMEX anymore?), a world leader in electrical power cord technology, today launched a new marketing strategy that prominently features the "ECord" name on brightly-colored cheap plastic stickers on the power cable technology installed by PC manufacturers.

ECord is working with PC manufacturers to develop co-branding packaging that will prominently display the ECord name. The technology ranges from power cords connecting a CPU to electical wall outlets, unlimited power supply (UPS), or line conditioners, to power cords connecting display monitors to electrical wall outlets, UPS, or line conditioners.

Until now, PC manufacturers did not actively market the power cords that are essential to the success of the PC industry. The computer companies that highlight the ECord brand will be able to take advantage of the solid reputation of the leading brand in power cord technology.

"In the PC industry, we believe that co-branding will quickly become an important strategy for companies that want to provide customers with a superior package of products," said Yabba Dabadu, vice president for OEM business at Ecord. "We can supply the power cord advantage to PC manufacturers as they deliver value to their customers," he said.

About ECord Inc
ECord is unrecognized as a leader in power cord technology for desktop PCs, mobile PCs, on-line services and the Internet, hence this sorry attempt at a press release to boost their reputation.

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