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San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- January 32, 1996 --- Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW), a world leader in fancy computer workstations and software with funny brand names, today announced it was relocating its corporate headquarters to the island of Java in Indonesia.

Sun made the bold announcement only a day after announcing that it had purchased the entire island of Java from the government of Indonesia. "We feel this is the right thing for us to do at this point," said Scott McNeally, the head of Sun Microsystems.

According to a Sun spokesman, 10,000 Sun employees and their families will depart next week on a specially-constructed raft, from a dock in Foster City, California, and will sail to Java for approximately 16 weeks. "It's going to take a while to get there, but we'll have a Net connection via satellite the entire time."

"We're sorry to see them go," said Mo Betah, the mayor of Silicon Valley. "But hey, they bought the island so they might as well make use of it."

Asked how he feels about the move, McNeally replied, "I've been really moved by all the kind statements from well-wishers. So many people telling me to go break-a-leg! Of course, in Indonesia, the local saying is 'Krakatoa!' so they tell me!"

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