November 30, 1996


Recording Industry Once Again Outraged By Second Music 'Theft' In As Many Weeks

Los Diablos, CA /DenounceNewswire/ November 33, 1996 -- Noted singer-songwriter Kenny G was at home quietly surfing the World Wide Web recently when he discovered two unreleased recordings, both originally scheduled to be included in his upcoming "Dentist Office Waiting Room Melodies, Vol. 2" album, had been stolen from his recording studio and posted on the Net for downloading by consumers for free. Mr. G says he immediately contacted his record company studio, which discovered the songs had been removed from a computer in the control room.

"This is the second time in as many weeks we've seen this kind of criminal behavior," said Iwana Yamani, head of the Recording Industry of America. Earlier this month, the popular rock band U2 also discovered two of its songs were being spread across the Net. Approximately 20 million copies of the two U2 songs have been distributed, sources close to Mr. Yamani indicated.

In the U2 case, dozens of Internet users have been arrested or detained for questioning, after their Internet "addresses" had been traced by an internal industry strike force which carries out its duties in dark vans parked innocently along quiet streets across America.

Originally planning to indict any Internet user who had illegally downloaded the songs, Mr. G's lawyers have now backed off, after the same industry strike force, this time hired by Mr. G's record company, discovered no-one has yet actually downloaded Mr. G's recordings, even though they've been available free for the taking for over a month.

Mr. G's attorneys had no comment. Posted by denounce on November 30, 1996 10:19 AM


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