July 03, 2003


Tired of Unavailable Netflix DVD Rentals, Customers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands By Creating a Peer-to-Peer DVD Sharing Service

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 3 July 2003 -- A group of Netflix, Inc. customers today announced the formation of the No More Long Waits Club, a rental service for Netflix customers who are tired of waiting for certain DVDs to become available for rental at the Netflix website.

"We're forming this group as a service to the Netflix customer community," said Jack Fogerty, president of the No More Long Waits Club (NMLWC). "There are simply too many titles that are listed as 'Long Wait' or 'Very Long Wait' and we don't want to wait, so we're taking matters into our own hands."

Rather than quit the Netflix service and go elsewhere, members of NMLWC decided to only address the 'Long Wait' problem by creating a workaround. "We love the Netflix service and only want the company to succeed," says Fogerty, "but we are too impatient to wait around for weeks or months for titles that are available down the street at Blockbuser and other local video rental stores."

The NMLWC service works as follows. Interested Netflix customers simply visit the the NMLWC website, where they register and pay a $30 security deposit which is refundable whenever the customer wishes to quit the service. Then, customers can search for titles which were listed as 'Long Wait' or 'Very Long Wait' back on their own Netflix Queue pages, find the title they're interested in, and click on the familiar Netflix-style 'rent' button. A small fee of 74 cents for postage to and from the customer is charged to the customer, and the DVD is then sent immediately to the customer, who has a week to watch the DVD and send it back to the NMLWC member who owns the disc. Each disc is owned by another NMLWC member. Once it's returned and deemed in good condition, the DVD is relisted on the NMLWC site as being available for rent to anyone else. If a title is unavailable for rent, the title is immediately added to a "buy list", which NMLWC members monitor regularly. Whenever a title appears on the buy list, an NMLWC member volunteers to go out and buy the title and then rent it out to other NMLWC members. New NMLWC members are encouraged to provide a list of DVDs they already own and are willing to share with other NMLWC members.

"It's a peer-to-peer DVD sharing service," says Fogerty. "We share our favorite movies with other NMLWC members, and now everybody's happy."

Netflix, Inc. had no comment.

Posted by denounce on July 3, 2003 12:55 PM

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