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May 22, 2002

FedEx Announces FedEx Tracking Plus

When You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Not Only Who Opens Your Package But What They Say About It Behind Your Back

Memphis, TN /DenounceNewswire/ -- May 22, 2002 -- FedEx Tracking Plus, the first post-delivery tracking service ever available to customers, is now available.

Introduced today by FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) to FedEx customers, this revolutionary application makes it possible for FedEx customers to track every detail of a package's whereabouts, who opens it, when they open it, what they do with it, and what happens to it. Nevermore will a customer wonder, "whatever happened to that package I sent to so-and-so?"

Using a combination of Global Positioning System technology and sub-microscopic video cameras and microphones, packages shipped with FedEx Tracking Plus provide non-stop realtime tracking information for packages even after they've arrived at their destination.

"FedEx Tracking Plus gives me the ability to know not only when my queries reach agents and publishers," said writer Naomi Wilgers, "but it lets me see what the agents and publishers do with my queries. I get to watch and hear everything that goes on once the package arrives."

"The age of digital fly-on-the-wall technology has arrived," said Targil Gershwa, assistant vice director of group president leads for FedEx Services Corp. "Except, this isn't a fly-on-the-wall, it's a bug in the parcel!"

How FedEx Tracking Plus Works
First, a customer delivers a package to any of FedEx's worldwide customer care centers. The customer then fills out a standard shipping form and asks the FedEx customer care representative to ship this package with Tracking Plus. The customer care representative then injects the customer's package with a special FedEx Tracking Plus Nanotechnology Syringe, which deposits a sub-microscopic chip inside the package. The audio, video, and geopositioning information is then fed to one of FedEx's satellites which beams the information to FedEx's Memphis data center. All customers have to do now is go home, fire up their web browser, enter the package's tracking number, and sit back and watch the show. Video and audio is provided via a selection of Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime, or RealNetworks RealVideo and Audio. Optional services include VHS tapes that FedEx can send you for additional fees.

Tracking Information
In addition to high-fidelity audio and video, a tracking history is also provided, suitable for printing. A sample FedEx Tracking Plus tracking history is shown below:

5/22  10:33:09  DENVER, CO  Package delivered
5/22  10:34:14  DENVER, CO  Receptionist puts package in pile
5/22  11:49:11  DENVER, CO  Receptionist gives package to Bob
5/22  11:49:15  DENVER, CO  Bob walks down the hall with your pkg
5/22  11:49:22  DENVER, CO  Bob stops to get some coffee and a donut
5/22  11:49:38  DENVER, CO  Bob spills some half-n-half on your pkg
5/22  11:50:19  DENVER, CO  Bob takes your package to his office, shuts door
5/22  11:50:22  DENVER, CO  Bob tosses your package in his in box
5/22  12:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  13:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  14:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  15:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  16:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  17:00:00  DENVER, CO  Your package sits in Bob's inbox
5/22  17:08:56  DENVER, CO  Bob opens your package

How Much Does It Cost?
Pricing information is available at the FedEx Tracking Plus website. Prices begin at $17,230.00 for a 8-ounce package for 1 week of tracking coverage. A 2-lb package would cost $49,995.00 for six weeks of tracking.

About FedEx
With annual revenues of $20 billion, FedEx Corp. is a fricking monster in the global shipping business. Who else are you going to turn to? Airborne? DHL? USPS? Be real. Be serious. Go FedEx.

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