July 25, 2002

National Kidney Foundation Donates Office Space to Macromedia

Ailing Software Firm Gladly Accepts Donation, Citing Savings of $120K in Operating Expenses

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 25 July 2002 -- The National Kidney Foundation (NASDAQ: STNZ) today announced a donation of 5,500 square feet of office space, to beleagured software company Macromedia, Inc. The space, which comprises an entire floor, will be used by Macromedia through 2004. The donation was made through the Foundation's long-standing software-company philanthropy program, aimed at struggling Internet businesses whose golden days are long past.

"With the current economic climate, all high-tech companies are tightening their belts to balance the scope of their product offerings with the availability and interest level of increasingly bored customers," said Betsey Nelson, chief of money at Macromedia. "When we heard that the National Kidney Foundation had spare space, we jumped at the chance to grab it."

The donation also includes chairs, desks, tables, video games, refrigerators full of sugar-flavored carbonated soda and trendy herbal teas, televisions, ping pong tables, a Galaga arcade game, darts and a dart board, couches, bookcases, CD players, a complete sound system, and many other accoutrements designed to further delay the release of software updates.

About Macromedia, Inc.
Macromedia, a once-great software firm, has seen its stock fall to to 1995-levels in recent days after a Nielsen study revealed that 99.29% of all Web users clicked "skip intro" whenever they encountered a Macromedia Flash presentation at a website, and 100% of users quit their browsers when they encountered websites with Flash presentations that lacked the ability to "skip" the intro.

Posted by denounce on July 25, 2002 05:36 PM

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