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July 11, 2003


Two Seasoned Tech Rivals to Duke it Out Nightly on Fox

New York, NY /DenounceNewswire/ -- 11 July 2003 -- Fox News announces the launch of "Winer and Pilgrim", a new talk show focusing on arcane technical debates, obscure blog politics, and other pressing issues of the day.

"We're excited about this new program and the opportunity to embrace a new market segment, namely geeks and other technology misfits," said Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News. "Winer and Pilgrim is guaranteed to mesmerise, agitate, annoy, intrigue, and entertain night after night."

The hour-long program will air Friday nights at 10pm on the Fox News channel, "a day and time-slot we discovered is the best time to reach the most geeks at home," says Ailes. Topics already planned for the first week of the program will include the future of RSS feeds, fair use of copyright, Microsoft vs. Apple, and Google vs. Userland: Who Owns Blogs?.

At a press conference earlier today in New York, Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim appeared ready to rumble in what turned into a shouting match the likes of which have not been seen since Mohammed Ali took on Joe Frazier in press briefings three decades ago.

"I'm excited about this show," says Dave Winer, who currently works at the Berkman Law Center at Harvard University, and is the founder of Userland Software. "I plan to fight the good fight and show this Pilgrim pudknocker a thing or two."

"Bring it on," says Mark Pilgrim, a web designer and programmer who operates the popular Dive Into Mark website. "Dave can say whatever he wants, and I'm gonna fact check his ass all along the way."

Fox, which gleefully awaits major advertising profits from the show, also announced today that it has plans for "Winer and Pilgrim" movie and book spin-off properties to appear later this year.

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June 28, 2003


Inspired by the Success of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps, This New Venture Offers Web Enthusiasts a Way to Hang Out With Famous Internet Pundits

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 28 June 2003 -- Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in the world of Internet Punditry? Do you dream of meeting and learning from the legends of the web? Is there a blog article in your head that you would like to bring to life? Do you want to spend five days and nights following pundits around to see what they do?

IPFC, Inc. announces the launch of the Internet Pundit Fantasy Camp, and a chance to be among the presence of such luminaries as Jason Kottke, James Lileks, Doc Searls, Glenn Reynolds, Esther Dyson, Cory Doctorow, Christopher Locke, Clay Shirky, Xeni Jardin, Scott Rosenberg, Joi Ito, Marc Canter, John Dvorak, Dan Gillmor, Andrew Sullivan, Dave Winer, and David Weinberger.

For five days and five nights, campers get to observe these and other notable internet pundits up close and personal:

  • Dining near them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Watching them as they write their blogs and news articles
  • Small group instruction from celebrity internet stars
  • Observe pundits taking copious pictures with their digital cameras
  • Meet their cats, dogs, and other pets (availability subject to change)
  • Read newspapers and magazines in the same waiting rooms as the pundits
  • See pundits glance at their watches
  • Listen in as pundits talk on their cell phones and to each other.
  • Stay up late at night surfing the web, sharing findings with pundits, receiving their commentary
  • Exchange emails with pundits (guaranteed replies!)
  • Join internet superstars in a special Tuesday morning cocktail party (time, date, and locale subject to change)
  • Enjoy a personalized pundit tour of a Fry's Electronics store (time permitting)
  • Receive personalized pundit commentary on the software and documents present on your own notebook computers.
  • Receive a personal jpeg of a signed, personally autographed photograph of the pundit of your choice (limit one per camper)

Modeled after the successful Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps, which let mere mortals jam along with famous rock stars, the Intenet Pundit Fantasy Camp is destined to become a favorite experience for internet enthusiasts across the country. With sessions opening this summer in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago, there's never been a better opportunity to rub shoulders with giants of internet punditry.

Each camper receives a box of CampCam(tm) videotapes covering the entire five days and five nights of the camp.

Cost of the camp is $5,995 per person (for reservations made up to 60 days in advance) or $6495 thereafter. Note: pundits and venues subject to change without notice.

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April 03, 2003

New Blossier Service Tracks Bloggers For a Fee

Service generates instant, up-to-the-minute dossiers on anyone who blogs

San Helifino, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 3 April 2003 -- BluePitchfork, a venture-funded San Helifino company announced today the launch of its new "Blossier" (rhymes with "dossier") service, which provides instant online dossiers on people who write and maintain web logs, also known as blogs.

The Blossier service enables subscribers to track their favorite blog personalities, to find out when they're home, when they're traveling, what books, movies, and music they like and don't like, what their political and religious affiliations are, who their friends and foes are, and much more.

How it Works
Every five minutes, the Blossier search robot scans tens of thousands of blogs all over the world, updating each blogger's dossier with new personal information gleaned from their blog. In addition to automated scans, BluePitchfork has a team of dedicated blog analysts constantly monitoring the whereabouts and comings and goings of the top 10,000 bloggers worldwide.

Blossier subscriptions are available in multiple service levels, including Basic, Standard, and Pro.

  • Blossier Basic, available for $10/month or $100/year, offers up to 5 instant dossier searches per month, and weekly summaries of all activities of up to 20 bloggers.

  • Blossier Standard, available for $15/month or $120/year, offers up to 15 instant dossier searches per month, and weekly summaries of all activities of up to 50 bloggers.

  • Blossier Pro, available for $100/month or $1000/year, offers unlimited instant dossier searchs, unlimited weekly summaries, as well as Real Time Dossiers, providing subscribers with live, 24/7 real-time tracking of everything spoken or written by particular bloggers.

About BluePitchfork
Blue Pitchfork was founded in 2002 with the vision of total information awareness for those who have a need to track people who write blogs. Whether it's to stalk a celebrity blogger, know when the blogger's family won't be home so the home can be burglarized, bugged, or otherwise utilized, track the political and cultural leanings of a blogger, or any other reason, Blue Pitchfork's mission is to get the data and sell it to whoever's willing to pay for it.

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July 18, 2002

Mohomine Announces mohoBlog Extractor

New Tool Mines All Blogs, Providing Detailed Demographic Information to Businesses and Government

San Diego, CA /DenounceNewswire/ -- 18 July 2002 -- Mohomine, a leader in Unstructured Data Management Software (UDMS) technology, today announced the general availability of mohoBlog Extractor v1.0, a tool which scans every "blog" (short for "web log") on the World Wide Web and generates an updated-hourly database containing detailed political, consumer, religious, entertainment, technical, and psychological profiles on the millions of Internet users who create or participate in blogs.

mohoBlog Extractor (mBE) is available in multiple formats:

  • mBE Web: A web-only service, hosted by Mohomine, enabling any business or consumer to access, search, or browse the updated-hourly database of millions of Internet user profiles.
  • mBE Modules: A modular solution that enables government agencies or businesses to quickly and seamlessly integrate mBE into any enterprise application, including law enforcement, political lean assessment, intelligence gathering, advertising targeting, and market research.
  • mBE Mobile: The wireless solution for the busy spy, market researcher, corporate snoop, or nosy neighbor. Use your cell phone, PDA, or laptop to search and browse the complete mBE database.

"We are excited by the possibilities mohoBlog Extractor presents to us," said John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States. "Bloggers are a pesky bunch who we'll now be able to keep an eye on, thanks to Mohomine."

mohoBlog Extractor is available for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and can be licensed for use in applications for ASP solutions. Whitepapers and technical specifications are available but require top-secret clearance or a major undisclosed up-front fee.

Pricing was not disclosed because if you have to ask, you obviously can't afford it.

About Mohomine: Founded in 1999 with funding from the Central Intelligence Agency, Mohomine builds tools for spooks and then markets them under the delightfully jargonistic acronym UDMS, or Unstructured Data Management Software.

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